Our Mission

Feel beautiful + fill forever

You can feel good with our bio-luxurious innovations, made for minimal impact and maximal luxury. From formulation to packaging to the last drop -- we're elevating every step of our product's lifecycle. Let's close the loop of waste in our everyday rituals.

we designed a keeper
our vessels

Our everyday heirlooms are intentionally timeless, functional, and reusable. Minimalist branding serves as your blank slate, to work in your unique space again and again.

Made to Store, Collect and Stack 

Simply cleanse your vessel with soap, hot water, and a towel-dry. Reuse again to your heart's content. 

If (and when) you finally say goodbye, we minimized impact by prioritizing curbside recyclable materials.

For the few components that were too small or complex for recycling, we looked to post-consumer recycled (PCR) materials. "


"We're creating a new cycle with beautiful, circular products that make you feel good and make Mother (Earth) proud."
Claudia Sulewski

our multisensory

Every product is consciously curated, and thoughtfully formulated. Edited with purpose to maximize your results, and minimize our footprint. Feel the impact of high-efficacy ingredients paired with the latest innovations in clean beauty science. Immerse yourself in nuanced fragrances and engage all of your senses.

for every body.

Formulated without

Parabens • Sulfates • Silicone • Phthalates

Certified Vegan

  • Dermatologist-Tested
  • For all skin types 
  • Gender Neutral 
  • Non-GMO Fragrances

Certified Cruelty-Free

our refills,


We've teamed up with On Repeat to bring you refills in certified industrial compostable packaging. Each refill is comprised of two parts, the outer wallet and inner pouch. It fills one vessel, ensuring freshness and sustainabilitv of the formula. We fill to order for the same reason!

  • The Outer Wallet

    Made of recyclable FSC Certified craft board, and printed with vegetable inks in the UK by World Land Trust certified printers. Curbside recyclable and home-compostable.

    1. curbside recyclable

     Pop this in with the rest of your recycling.

    1. home compost

    Tear into pieces and sprinkle onto your compost as yummy worm food!


    This compostable patented flexible film is an alternative to plastic pouches, and is what holds and seals our formulas. Made from layers of wood-pulp based cellulose and a bio-based biodegradable polymer with a spray deposition of aluminum. The aluminum provides a moisture barrier property which is crucial for holding our liquids. Our pouches break down into non-toxic biowaste.

    1. Home Compost

    Our pouches break down in home compost conditions in around 34 weeks. Place your inner pouch into the heap and let it do its thing.

    1. industrial compost

    Our inner pouch is certified to EN13432 standards for industrial composting. Check if your city's composting program accepts compostable plastics! We also recommend checking if your community offers a composting pick-up service or a community compost heap in your area.

We’ve committed to giving back 1% of our sales to the planet.

the reason for cyklar founder story

As a longtime lover of self care products, daily rituals have become an essential part of my life. Luxuriating in products I trust, treating myself to a few extra steps, or just winding down, I revel in the whole experience... almost.

I always felt a little heartbreak when it was time to toss an empty bottle. Playing the "Can this be recycled?" game, over and over again. Asking myself yet again "Surely once it's rinsed and separated, it should be straight forward..." 

The weight of these questions led to CYKLAR. 

When creating CYKLAR, I wanted to design an experience that removes the waste, keeps the indulgence (and then some). We're eclipsing basic sustainability, and aiming for bio-luxury. 

CYKLAR is here so you can continue the cycle of your selfcare rituals, without the heartbreak.

Claudia Sulewski

Good choices only by design.